These are videos I have created. The first is from about 20 years ago and the rest are more recent.

This video is of my mother and her classes from 1991. It was created as a promotional tool for when she attended conferences to talk about her use of computers in science classes. She was a 7th and 8th grade science and math teacher at Rabaut Junior High School in Washington, DC, and was an early adopter of personal computers in science education. I like to think of it as an artifact that well represents its time and that times view of the future.



I wrote and directed the following video tutorials for the AVC Library in 2010. They focus on specific aspects of the library that we find students have the most difficulty learning. I also used learning outcomes and assessments to test their effectiveness as learning objects. Honors students, faculty members, other librarians and our dean all volunteered to be on-camera talent.






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